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The Most Powerful Social Marketing Application for Microsoft Dynamics

ClickDimensions Social Marketing is a complete social media marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics users and is designed specifically for B2B marketers who need smart, time-saving solutions that maximize their social media ROI. The social marketing platform is the perfect upgrade to the social media features available out of the box in ClickDimensions.

Efficiently schedule and manage content across social networks

Post content to all your social channels from the convenience of one easy-to-use social media marketing platform, with the flexibility to publish immediately or schedule for later. You can also schedule content in bulk and let the system automate the posting times to optimize visibility. The social media editorial calendar lets you see at-a-glance what’s posting when on every social channel in every campaign.

Discover and share meaningful content

Broaden your social media horizons with content that engages your audience and positions your business as a thought leader. Automated content curation makes it quick and easy to discover and publish content to your social profiles, rounding out and helping to fill your brand’s social media calendar.

Attribute social interactions to sales pipeline and revenue

Make social media a new lead generation channel. Attribute social interactions to unique leads and contacts in your CRM and connect leads generated through social media with sales pipeline and revenue. Use social activity as a trigger for marketing automation, lead scoring, workflows and more.

Monitor and engage in the social conversations that matter

Cut through the social media noise and focus on the discussions that are meaningful for your brand. Create real-time social listening streams, allowing you to track keywords, mentions, company pages and more. Engage and nurture potential leads – view and respond to comments on your posts from a unified inbox.

Empower advocates to amplify your messages

Tap into one of your most powerful audiences – your employees – and turn them into brand advocates. Give employees the tools they need to easily amplify your company’s social media marketing efforts and expand your reach. Encourage usage and reward advocates with built-in leader boards for shares and clicks, and track advocacy effectiveness from share to click to conversion.

Resolve customer issues in the social channel

Streamline your social conversations to deliver a smarter, faster and more personal customer experience. With tools like live monitoring, unified inbox and team collaboration, you can quickly resolve customer issues in the social channel. Manage all inbound and outbound conversations to track who replied, assigned, completed or left a note on a message.

Measure and optimize results for greater social ROI

Across all aspects of social marketing, you can go far beyond vanity metrics to measure and optimize results for greater ROI. Advanced social analytics show the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts and their impact on revenue and the sales pipeline – for every social network and post.

Robust integration provides a singular integrated view

Manage all your social channels in a single view with complete integration into Microsoft Dynamics. Leverage your social marketing activity within the Microsoft Dynamics Power Platform and Dynamics CRM – removing the social media data silo.

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