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Achieve More with Your Digital Marketing

ClickDimensions marketing services provides comprehensive marketing services, customer success and product support with domain expertise in both marketing and Microsoft Dynamics to effectively leverage marketing technology and to analyze and optimize performance for better results.

Technology alone can’t meet the needs of modern marketers

We offer a full range of managed services to help our customers succeed. From providing best practices guidance on your specific marketing endeavors to executing your campaigns to training your new employees on our technology, our ClickDimensions- and Microsoft Dynamics-certified experts are here to ensure you get the results you need. We make it easy to get started and to realize maximum ROI on your marketing technology investments. Complete this short form if you are interested in learning more about managed services from ClickDimensions.

Making every user a power user

Our global team of dedicated Customer Success Managers is here to ensure that every ClickDimensions customer achieves results quickly and realizes the full value of their marketing technology investment. With our onboarding services, you get expert guidance and support from product installation to execution of your first campaign, so you can move forward with confidence and achieve more with ClickDimensions more quickly. Our ongoing training – both standard and personalized – ensure that users deepen their product expertise and proficiency to optimize results over time.

Clearing every obstacle in your way

Our support team is here to ensure that nothing stands in your way on the path to marketing success. To ensure you have the help you need when you need it, ClickDimensions offers live 24×5 in-region support online, in-app and on the phone as well as round-the-clock access to comprehensive self-service support online. Our Dynamics and ClickDimensions-certified professionals help you resolve issues faster, and we are proud to offer our customers multilingual support from seven offices around the globe.

Interested in learning more? Complete this short form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.