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Marketing Automation Training and Certification

At ClickDimensions, we do everything we can to get our customers to use our solution to the fullest and enjoy doing so. We’re here to help you find new ways to solve the business challenges you face and to create campaigns that move your leads and customers to action. Here are a few of the learning opportunities we offer to help our customers achieve marketing success.

All ClickDimensions customers and partners have unlimited access to ClickDimensions Academy. This free and easy-to-use training resource is designed to help our users best utilize ClickDimensions and maximize their marketing efforts. ClickDimensions Academy includes live and on-demand webinar training sessions and a self-guided, 24/7 eLearning portal so you can quickly get the information you need, when you need it. ClickDimensions Academy users can also earn valuable professional certifications. Learn more here.


Whether you’re a ClickDimensions novice or expert, user or admin, partner or customer, the ClickDimensions help site has something for everyone. Filled with educational articles written by our product experts, the help site can assist with everything from setting up ClickDimensions to reporting on results. And so you have all the resources you need to at your fingertips, the help site features links to our product announcements and support team.


Ready to learn how to do something new in ClickDimensions or stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends? Check out the ClickDimensions blog! We publish informative articles several times each week, so there’s always something new to read and learn.

ClickDimensions Certification