Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri

Being active in the Information Technologies sector since 1992, BİLGİ BİRİKİM SİSTEMLERİ (BBS) adopted costumer satisfaction and continuous self-improvement as a basic principle. The basic parameters for sustaining customer satisfaction are capabilities of providing TURNKEY projects with PROFESSIONAL staff as well as STANDING BEHIND these projects. BBS has a technical staff base that is extensive, well-trained and certified. This staff continuously self-improves qualitatively and quantitatively in order to integrate the latest novelties of advancing technology with their own experience.

www.bilgibirikim.com | Partner Locations: Turkey


Binovist is an innovative IT consultancy company with many years of expertise and experience offering its customers services in the IT applications and business solutions field, with a special focus on CRM. Binovist’s aim is to create sector-based solutions in the customer relationship management area and to enrich these solutions with mobile applications and cloud technologies with its qualified and experienced team. Binovist helps its customers see the greatest return on their investment via technical and conceptual training.

www.binovist.com | Partner Locations: Istanbul


Innthebox, as a Gold Partner of Microsoft, focuses on CRM projects and leverages excellent knowledge in the Microsoft product family related to CRM applications such as SharePoint, CRM Accelerators and Office 365. We provide consultancy, training, business and software development services. The name Innthebox comes from innovation. Employing new technologies for our customers stays at the heart of our culture of value creation. We have 300+ project experiences. We are focused on crm-xrm online projects for automotive, tourism, insurance, retail, e-trade and manufacturing customers. In addition to our highly-skilled experts, we serve our customers with our solid business connections with digital agencies, designers, behavioral targeting companies and more.

www.innthebox.com | Partner Locations: Turkey

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems is an international consultancy company delivering business software projects to local and multi-country organizations. We are the leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in Central and Eastern Europe (2016) and part of the Inner Circle – the highest recognition given to only few out of more than 10 000 Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide. We are focused on delivering international IT projects for retail, manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics companies throughout the world. Based on our expertise, we have developed customized industry solutions to help our customers get the most out of their IT investments.

www.isystems-group.com | Partner Location: Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey

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TrioWorx was founded in 2013. Through our recruitment to continuous development processes, you can be assured that TrioWorx has the right resources for your project. TrioWorx’s passion is to find ways to make our clients’ businesses work better. We will position you to respond to today’s challenges, with targeted, pertinent services and business solutions. Whether you are a large company, a small technology business, or a non-profit association, TrioWorx can help you take advantage of the benefits of business solutiouns that you need.

www.trioworx.com | Partner Location:  Istanbul