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Welcome to where worlds converge, not collide

In organizations today, everyone is supposed to be working together to reach the prospect’s or customer’s world. But too often, sales is in their own world. Marketing is in theirs. And customer service is in still another. Your systems barely talk to each other, and IT is just trying to make everything play nicely together.

What happens when these worlds collide? Leads get lost, customers are unengaged, revenue doesn’t live up to its potential and everyone is frustrated.

That’s why we created ClickDimensions – the first and only marketing automation solution that’s so fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 that you may have a hard time telling where one stops and the other begins. It means that marketing and other organizational functions converge rather than collide. And it means that no matter what role you play or who you’re trying to connect with, you have a way to reach their world without leaving yours.

The ClickDimensions Difference

ClickDimensions wasn’t adapted for the Microsoft ecosystem, it was created for it. It’s quick and seamless to implement and easy to use.

fully native

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