Azure Sunset FAQ 2018-11-14T15:59:41-05:00

Azure Sunset FAQ

1. Do I have to do anything on behalf of my customers? 

Customers may have action to take during the transition based on email customizations they have in place.  For example, if a customer uses an email CNAME set up on the current system they will need to update it post-transition to the new system.  Or if a customer has custom DKIM set up, ClickDimensions will work with them pre-transition to have the necessary DNS and server side set up in place to allow for a smooth transition.  Some of your customers may need your assistance with these changes.

2. Why is this being done?

This new email engine will process email sends at a faster rate, will be able to handle more volume and will be more reliable.

3. If I am a ClickDimensions user, do I have to do anything?

Depending on email customizations (see question 1), customers will need to adjust their DNS records and the email CNAME in Settings > DNS Settings.  Some customers won’t need to make any changes.  We will be sending out email communications prior to the account transition with more details.

4. Is this change GDPR compliant?

Yes, the new email engine is geographically in the EU and is GDPR compliant.

5. When will the change take place?

Beginning August 19 and over several subsequent weeks, ClickDimensions will reach out to you and your customers informing you of the exact date of your change.

6. Is there any down time or disruption to my customers’ service?

The account moves are planned for Sunday afternoon (EU time) to minimize any disruptions.  The actual account move takes seconds.

7. Who do I call if there is a problem? 

Customers can contact their Customer Success Manager, open a Support ticket or email

8. Who do I contact if I have concerns about this change?

Customers can contact their Customer Success Manager, open a Support ticket or email

9. Will all my accounts and data still be stored in an EU location?


10. If I have security concerns who should I contact?

Customers can contact their Customer Success Manager or email

11. Can I or my customers opt out of this change?

No.  All EU accounts will be moved.