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Web Forms for Dynamics 365

Interact with your prospects and customers through web forms. With ClickDimensions, easily create web forms with our drag-and-drop designer, include the forms on your website or landing pages, and quickly collect valuable information about your leads and contacts.

Create and post a web form in a matter of minutes

Easy to create

ClickDimensions’ drag-and-drop form designer makes it easy to create a form without having technical skills. Simply drag the field you want onto the form, order them how you want.

Additional Field Functionality

Specify the message to be shown to the visitor upon form completion. Any fields you specify to be required will be enforced on the web form automatically, and the visitor’s email address will be checked to ensure that it is valid.

Embed into your Website

The ClickDimensions form designer provides iFrame code to easily embed the form into any of your web pages. A direct URL to the form is also available, and URLs can be customized with your text.

Configure and map form fields

Create fields in CRM

For each field (city, email) simply create a web form field record and map the values to the appropriate fields on CRM lead and contact records.

Create new or Update existing records

ClickDimensions will either create a new, de-duplicated, lead record or update an existing lead or contact record if a match is found.

Map Field Values

Our form mapping mechanism allows you to specify how you would like the values the visitor provides to flow into the CRM lead or contact record.

Avoid duplicate data

When a visitor completes a form, his or her email address is checked against all email addresses in CRM to avoid creating duplicate data. All of the data a visitor submits on the form is linked to their existing CRM record. New lead or contact records can be created for visitors who are not already in your CRM.

Link existing forms to CRM

Link an existing web form by creating a ClickDimensions form capture record. Associate one or more of the form fields you configured in CRM and tell the form capture where to redirect the visitor when the form has been submitted. ClickDimensions will generate a URL that can be substituted for your existing form action.

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