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Technical Details

ClickDimensions is a software-as-a-service marketing automation solution that is 100% dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our solution is native inside Microsoft CRM, providing a seamless marketing, sales and customer relationship experience for your users.

Track visitors to your website with a simple tracking script

When you deploy ClickDimensions, we provide a short tracking script that you place on all of your web pages (if you use a global footer file you can just place it there once). The script is similar to what you may have seen from Google Analytics. However, because our solution is built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the tracking results are linked to specific lead and contact records in CRM.

Our script tracks 100% of visitors on your site. It works by notifying our Microsoft Azure service each time a visitor views a page. We tell you what page the visitor viewed, what links they clicked, how long they stayed, where they are located, and much more. Once an anonymous visitor clicks a link from one of your marketing emails or provides their email address in a web form, we associate their browsing history with their CRM record so you can see what interests them and can take action.

Powered by Microsoft Azure

Because our service was built from the ground up on Microsoft Azure, it is always running in the cloud. As we capture tracking events on your site (visits, page views, form submissions, etc.), we log them in our cloud service and send them to custom entities in your Microsoft CRM database. If your CRM is unavailable, we’ll wait until it is back up and running and then send the tracking events that occurred while the CRM was offline.

Built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With all of our tracking data stored within Microsoft CRM entities, you can use our marketing data just as you would any other Microsoft CRM data. Reports, advanced find views, workflow processes; all CRM functionality is at your disposal. For example, click the posted forms link in the CRM marketing tab and see the latest form submissions from your web site. Or open your marketing dashboard and see which organizations have been on your site and which leads and contacts have had the most recent activity.

Rapid deployment

Your deployment of ClickDimensions is quick and painless. Once you sign up, you’ll simply register your CRM, and a unique solution for your CRM is packaged and sent to you for quick import. There is no software installed, and as we add features they become available to you automatically.

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