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Nurture Marketing

ClickDimensions allows marketers to build nurture or “drip” marketing programs using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Send a series of emails to prospects over a period of time in order to drive sales or generate interest in your product.

Put your prospects on auto-pilot

Nurture programs are a great way to keep your messages in front of prospects without committing valuable sales resources. Marketers can easily build a nurture program to include targeted messaging, and sales people can easily nurture prospects who are not yet sales ready. A relevant stream of messages will be sent and a variety of automated actions can be triggered as the prospects begin to respond.

Drag. Drop. Nurture.

Easily Build Nurture Programs

Marketers begin by building a nurture flow in our drag-and-drop nurture builder. No knowledge of CRM is required.

Add Individuals to running Nurtures

Once the nurture program is built, it can be published so that users can enroll leads and contacts in nurture programs directly from the lead and contact screens.

Run nurtures on marketing lists

Leads and contacts can be added to nurture programs in bulk by associating marketing list(s) with the program and adding leads and contacts to those lists.

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