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Automated Campaigns for Dynamics 365

ClickDimensions enables marketers to create interactive automations based on prospects’ or users’ behaviors. Send targeted emails to prospects in order to drive sales or generate interest in your product, and notify sales when a customer or lead shows interest through their interactions with your marketing messages.

Create dynamic, customized experiences

With the drip campaign automation builder, design unique paths for participants to follow as they interact with your messaging. Create lead-nurturing marketing campaigns, sales engagement campaigns, promotional or event campaigns, new customer onboarding and retention campaigns, and more… the possibilities are endless.

Drag. Drop. Automate.

Begin by building a flow of triggers, timers, and actions in our drag-and-drop campaign automation builder. No knowledge of CRM is required.

Streamline sales with nurture campaigns

Nurture, or “drip,” marketing campaigns are a great way to keep your messages in front of prospects without committing valuable sales resources. Marketers can easily build automated campaigns to include targeted messaging, and sales people can nurture prospects who are not yet sales ready. As the prospects begin to respond, a relevant stream of messages will be sent and a variety of automated actions can be triggered based on the prospect’s unique actions.

Combine activities to create powerful drip campaign automations

Create series of actions that include sending emails, adding/removing participants from a marketing list, assigning users, notifying users or teams of actions, creating task activities, or triggering CRM workflows.

Trigger an automation in multiple ways

Trigger an automation in multiple ways

Launch campaigns automatically when someone interacts with an email, submits a web form, completes a survey, registers for or attends an event, submits subscription preferences, or is added to or removed from a list.

Add individuals to automations

Once the campaign automation is built, it can be published so that users can enroll leads and contacts in automations directly from the lead and contact screens.

Run campaign automations on marketing lists

Leads and contacts can be added to campaign automations in bulk by associating marketing list(s) with the automation and adding leads and contacts to those lists.

Send participants down different paths based on your criteria

Use decision nodes to determine which path a lead or contact will proceed down based on your specific criteria. Participants will only continue to the next series of events if they meet the conditions outlined in the decision node.

Time your communications perfectly

Add timers to a drip campaign automation to wait a specific amount of time before continuing the participant to the next action. Wait timers can be set for a period of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months. Date timers pause the automation until a specific date and time.

Track prospects as they proceed through your automation

The campaign automation builder’s statistics view allows you to visualize the number of participants that are currently in an automation as well as the number of participants that have successfully passed through each step.

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