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Building Strong and Successful Partnerships

ClickDimensions is committed to helping our partners find and win more Microsoft Dynamics business. Explore the testimonials below to hear directly from our partners how our marketing technology and services have helped transform their business and made a difference for their customers.

Advancing Organizational Alignment

“ClickDimensions has from day one solved the never-ending issue of having the marketing department work closer with the rest of the organization, whether this is sales, service or another department.”

Rune Daub, Abakion

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Impressive Implementations

“Our customers appreciate that with the ClickDimensions marketing automation platform they are able to get their marketing efforts up and running in a very short timeframe.”

Drihan Bester, Altron Karabina

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An Easy Sell

“When clients see the value of viewing all their lead, prospect and client interactions in one place, ClickDimensions is an easy sell.”

Jane Davies, Beyond CRM

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Gaining Marketing Knowledge

“Thanks to ClickDimensions’ extensive partner training opportunities, our in-house CRM team is getting certified on the solution. This has helped us gain the knowledge and confidence to secure more initial meetings with customers and close more marketing automation deals.”

Johnny Youssef, Business Experts Gulf

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Dynamics and Marketing Expertise

“With ClickDimensions, we have a partner that can be completely immersed in the Dynamics sales process and doesn’t require any handholding.”

Eric Gervase, Cargas

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Enabling Turnkey Solutions

“Our customers don’t like custom. They don’t like complex and costly integrations. They like turnkey solutions and, through our partnership with ClickDimensions, we deliver.”

Chris Capistran, Cobalt

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Fully Meeting Customer Needs

“Marketing is a critical element for any CRM today, and we have found that by demonstrating to our customers that we not only understand this, we also have a technology solution that meets their marketing needs has made us more valuable and essential to our customers.”

Steve Curtis, Columbus Global

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Serving Dynamics On-Premise Users

“Being able to offer a marketing automation solution that works with Dynamics on-premise deployments is of great benefit to us with many organizations that we work with in the financial and public sectors. Some other competing marketing technologies do not offer this option.”

Thorsten Thiede, CRMFirst GmbH

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Making the Dynamics Sale

“It is impressive for our customers to see what can ultimately be achieved within the CRM and with the data. The integrated marketing management has helped us to convince our customers of the necessity and possibilities of Dynamics.”

Angela Jacoma, Cybersystems

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Deeper Customer Relationships

“Customers now share their future marketing plans with us and seek our input on how they can use ClickDimensions to track and monitor the success of their marketing campaigns and the resulting ROI.”

Amandeep Singh Mehta, Cynosure Solutions

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A Strong Support System

“We have benefited tremendously from the support of the ClickDimensions team when pitching, presenting and demoing ClickDimensions, as well as throughout the customer relationship.”

James Bridges, GMI group

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Increasing Dynamics User Adoption

“Adding marketing automation through ClickDimensions helps increase Dynamics user adoption within the organization, which in turn helps us reach our sales targets and goals related to the number of Dynamics 365 seats.”

Tania Konczynski, JOVACO

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More Value for Customers

“Pricing is a significant benefit of partnering with ClickDimensions, particularly when you compare with other industry-leading solutions. The pricing strategy of ClickDimensions puts marketing automation technology within reach for small and medium businesses as well as larger organizations.”

Hans Van de Velde, Net IT

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Offering the Very Best MarTech

“While there are many other marketing technology solutions on the market today, as a dedicated Microsoft partner, we see no need to partner with other marketing automation providers or recommend them to our customers. We know that we already have the very best to offer with ClickDimensions.”

Kenneth Christensen, OnDemand4U

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Rounding Out Dynamics

“ClickDimensions provides the essential marketing tools necessary to round out Dynamics and help organizations engage their audiences throughout the buying cycle.”

Gill Walker, Opsis

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A More Competitive CRM

“Our partnership with ClickDimensions has enabled us to fill a functional gap that has existed in Dynamics for a long time, making the proposition of the two solutions combined far more able to compete with other CRM solutions on the market.”

Warren Butler, Preact

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Staying on the Cutting-Edge

“ClickDimensions has helped us remain cutting-edge in what is important in
the world of marketing automation. The comprehensive certification programs help us learn KPIs, metrics, analytics and applications that are front-of-mind to our customers.”

Heidi Neuhauser, Reenhanced

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Closing More Deals

“We close 60 percent more of the demos we do when ClickDimensions is part of the demo as opposed to just demoing Dynamics 365.”

Iain Wicks, Rocket CRM

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Built for Marketers

“Partnering with ClickDimensions allows us to offer a marketing technology solution that marketers feel comfortable using. Marketers understand the system and enjoy using it.”

Brian Fehsenfeld, Sikich

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More Than Just MarTech

“Over the past couple of years, ClickDimensions has established a fantastic professional services offering to help round out the leaner, more efficient marketing teams we speak with – and many in the enterprise space too. By partnering with ClickDimensions, we are able to offer the total marketing package to our customers.”

Adam Hallbeck, Stoneridge Software

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Key to Success

“ClickDimensions has become an essential part of our business. More than 70 percent of our clients have ClickDimensions installed and we discuss it with every prospect.”

Brett Meyer, StratusLIVE

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Closing Deals Faster

“We have even had situations where we have presented Dynamics and ClickDimensions together and closed the deal the same day because the customer was so impressed with ClickDimensions and so anxious to get rid of their existing marketing solution.”

Ian Smith, SyncraTec

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