UruIT Dynamix With offices in Chile, Puerto Rico and Uruguay, UruIT Dynamix is a leader provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation an nearshore outsourcing services, and the creators of CRMGamified, the leader gamification add-on for Dynamics CRM user adoption. www.uruitdynamix.com | Partner Location: Uruguay, Chile, Puerto Rico

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Bizzapp Uma empresa de vendas focada em capacitação, utilização de tecnologia de ponta e metodologia para garantir que os processos sejam implementados da melhor forma. Treinamento, metodologia, coaching, marketing, CRM , soluções de colaboração com um só foco: fazer com que sua empresa venda mais. www.bizapp.com.br | Partner Location: São Paulo, Brazil [...]

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Accendo Accendo is a leader in creating effective business solutions with high added value. With over 10 years’ experience and implementations in different industries, Accendo has leveraged Microsoft’s world-class technology to the global market through IT services provisioning and the creation of innovative solutions based on the specific needs of each industry. [...]

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