Dynamics CRM Marketing Idea Workshop 2018-11-14T14:51:11-05:00

Dynamics CRM Marketing Idea Workshop

We all need more leads and every day there are new and more complex ways to generate them. But which ones are right for you and how do you go about executing and measuring if you are not a technical guru? In this recorded web cast ClickDimensions CEO and Chief Marketing Officer John Gravely covers a variety of lead generation ideas and their execution including:

– Social targeting and the importance of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the hottest new social property Pinterest
– Content marketing and how ClickDimensions used this key technique to generate over 2,000 leads in under three months
– Newsletter list building, newsletter execution and measurement
– Nurture marketing to put your prospects on auto-pilot until they are sales ready
– Easy to implement automation and more automation to make all of your key sales and marketing resources more effective
– Brand reinforcement through retargeting (a.k.a. remarketing)