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An Introduction to Effective Email Marketing


16th June 2024 | Rachel Kerr



Email marketing is the go-to message delivery method for most businesses and organizations that need to reach large audiences. Modern email marketing takes place in an environment complete with email designers, AI content creation and automated journey building tools. Whilst it might seem complex and overwhelming, with the right tools from Click and a well-thought-out approach, email marketing will achieve excellent results.

This article explores the top three most important aspects to consider for email marketing.

Optimized Email Templates 

Did you know that mobile users check their emails three times more than non-mobile users? What about the fact that one out of every three clicks on an email comes from a mobile device? With these statistics in mind, the goal of a marketer is to not only create engaging emails but also make sure these emails are optimized for mobile.

What Is Mobile Optimization?

Optimization refers to a webpage or email’s ability to adjust to different screen sizes (in this case mobile) without skewing designs or rendering content unresponsive.

Email templates that promote a mobile-first design are leading the way by giving marketers the ability to edit emails easily in multiple formats, seeing their designs on both desktop and mobile screens. Designing your emails to work correctly in both formats provides a more seamless customer journey across devices.


Email deliverability, and the changing standards set by key players such as Gmail and Yahoo, has been one of the top news stories within marketing this year.

What is Email Deliverability? 

This term refers to “an email’s ability to deliver into your contacts’ inboxes, and not get caught in spam or blocked entirely.” Changes in deliverability standards have evolved as customers demand more personalization and an inbox free from spam. Failure to adhere to the new standard reduces your own businesses deliverability score meaning your emails are more likely to be black-listed and automatically sent to the Junk folder.

The three key factors to look out for in this area are Email Authentication, Easy Unsubscribe Options and Email Relevance. – Watch our recent Ask the Expert: Deliverability webinar on-demand to find out more.

Email Authentication ensures that your emails are sent from credible sources, identified through IP addresses.

Easy Unsubscribe Options focuses on the customers’ ability to perform a one-click unsubscribe using a clearly defined link held within an email.

Email Relevance refers to the connection between company and customer. Sending emails to inboxes which have a history of not engaging with your content will damage your deliverability score – so make sure you clean out any cold leads from your email lists!

Have burning questions about Email Deliverability?

Artificial Intelligence

Over 20% of marketers use AI to personalize email subject lines with the number of adoptees growing month on month.

As AI continues to revolutionize industries across the world, its integration with email promises improved efficiency, personalization, and predictive capabilities. For marketers, AI can generate text with specific triggers and select the best time to send emails making it easier than ever to create content that resonates with your audiences.

Watch Our Ask the Expert: Email Designer & AI Webinar On-Demand to find out more.


From designing eye-catching email templates to optimizing for various devices, every element plays a crucial role in ensuring your email reaches its intended audience. It might be “just an email” but with the right tools and processes, email marketing can provide the reach you need to take your business to the next level!