Landing Pages

With ClickDimensions, quickly and easily create dynamic landing pages without any HTML knowledge. Landing pages are automatically hosted in ClickDimensions, or you can embed the landing page into your existing website.

Create landing pages without knowing HTML

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create marketing pages from within Microsoft CRM. You can create a new landing page using our page designer and we host it for you.

ClickDimensions landing pages for Dynamics 365 CRM
Campaign landing pages

Associate the landing page with a campaign

Are you creating a page for a specific marketing campaign? You can track all of your page views inside a campaign record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When creating your page, simply associate it with your CRM campaign record.

Embed ClickDimensions forms and surveys in landing pages

Make your pages dynamic by integrating forms or surveys. Collect valuable information from your leads or contacts by embedding forms that have been created with the ClickDimensions form builder directly into your landing pages.

Add forms to your pages
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