ProsessPilotene AS

Din samarbeidspartner for effektive arbeidsprosesser. Vi er et selskap som har klar fokus på etablering, optimalisering og/eller endring av arbeidsprosesser relatert til markedsføring, salg og kundebehandling. Vi kan være din rådgiver, partner, leverandør eller en kombinasjon av flere disse. Vi bygger våre leveranser og tjenester ved at vi tar ansvar for kombinasjon og integrasjon av personell, produkter og it systemer. Hensikten er at du som kunde skal slippe tenke på alle komplekse deler vedrørende IT tjenester i når nye arbeidsrutiner eller produkter skal utvikles. Dersom du ønsker å bygge et profesjonelt salgsmiljø, bidrar vi med CRM systemer ferdig satt opp og tilpasset ditt miljø. | Partner Location: Norway (Asker, Oslo, Hamar, Tønsberg, Hurum)

Acando AS

Acando is a consultancy company that in partnership with its clients identifies and implements sustainable business improvements through information enabled by technology. Acando creates measurable improvements through the development of processes, organisations and IT systems, ensuring that these support the client’s operations. It is the task of Acando to acquire an overall view of the client’s business and to ensure that each project yields a fast effect and improves the results. The client base is wide and includes small businesses as well as corporations and public authorities. The most important business partners of Acando are Microsoft and SAP. | Partner Locations: Oslo and Trondheim, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden


Asure specializes in pairing the expected, future customer journey with sound, internal business processes capable of matching the endless changes in customer behavior. Success, however, depends on the organization’s ability to change and execute. Asure is very experienced in creating the necessary organizational momentum to lead management and staff to work towards the common goals to execute upon. Then, based on our modern CRM tools capabilities, we collect the requirements and implement the tools. Asure employs the necessary mix of management consultants and experienced, technical specialists on the Dynamics CRM platform and ClickDimensions. | Partner Locations: Oslo



EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region. Through ideas, technology and solutions, EVRY brings information to life, creating value for its customers’ businesses and making a positive contribution to society. EVRY combines extensive industry experience with a customer centric approach, and international capabilities with local presence to help customers realize the full potential of IT. | Partner Locations: 50 cities and towns across the Nordic countries


Skill AS

Skill AS delivers business solutions based on the Microsoft platform, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, System Center and Azure. Through a solid end-to-end delivery process, Skill aims to be the natural first choice of customers by delivering outstanding business value in their projects.

Skill’s partnership with ClickDimensions proves our commitment in helping organizations leverage value within Marketing. Skill advices on analysis, design and execution of “Best Practice” in ClickDimensions. | Partner Locations: Grålum and Oslo